About Plug-up

Plug-up International aims to make hardware security more fun, affordable and easy to use. A french company created in Rouen in 2010, Plug-up designs and manufactures its own custom secure chip solutions, the first one using a wide range of USB protocols allowing to build transparent driverless applications (HID, WinUSB) or applications compatible with existing smartcard standards (CCID).

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Its core product offers a wide range of use cases : data encryption, strong authentication, Secure Access Modules. Based on certified components, single or multiple secure chips, Plug-up International has developed its custom operating system, virtual machines and high level innovating applications targeting digital security for identity solutions, data, and payment systems.

Under the Kliidje brand, Plug-up International distributes all security solution based on strong authentication, PKI solutions, and OATH standards (HOTP/TOTP). Under the DaPlug brand, Plug-up International offers Open Source oriented solutions to the developer community.

Press release

Plug-up International announces the first certified Fido Ready TM UAF USB Token

Rouen, France – March 6, 2014. Plug-up International, a Fido Alliance member as sponsor, announces Authentikator for FIDO, a FIDO Ready Trademark certified version of its Authentikator USB token to pave the way to the future of standard Online Identification without passwords.

« We’re delighted to update our Online Identification product line to be compliant with the Fido Alliance standards », said CEO of Plug-up International. « Authentikator for FIDO enhances our affordable and customizable OATH/HOTP second factor Authentikator USB token to provide stronger security and easier deployment scenarios to online services ».

Authentikator for FIDO is available on the unique Plug-up USB Smartcard form factor, providing stronger security to desktop, laptop and portable devices in an universal, fun and portable way.

« Authentikator for FIDO demonstrates how high-security USB consumer products that are compliant with the FIDO Alliance standards can be built for minimal added cost, » said Laurent Degauque, Embedded Security Marketing Director of STMicroelectronics. « By using ST’s secure single-chip USB microcontroller platform, Plug-up International was able to quickly design and release a cost-effective and secure FIDO UAF token.”

Authentikator for FIDO will soon be sold by Plug-up International distributors and on the company consumer web store at http://store.kliidje.com. Customers acquiring the previous Authentikator version will be offered free firmwares updates to support the new versions compliant with FIDO Alliance standards.


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